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Great gift idea

This is the third time buying from That Perfect Deal and I'm satisfied. Bought this for my newest niece, and I know she's going to love it. Sound level is good. And the songs and phrases are of just the right length of time.

Sweet Fluffy Elephant

Love this!!

Second Time's a Charm

So this is the second time I've tried this and I'm glad I did because I love it. I will tell you that you need a good product in before you start though. I used CHI Total Protect.


Adorable and sweet!

happy grandchildren

so cute


Absolutely adorable. Great gift for my friend who is having a baby!

Returning my son didn’t like it

My son didn’t like it.

Soft bristled, powerful air blow out device that does your hair right in minutes

I’m blown away! I never thought this impulse buy online would actually be an amazing efficient product! I have thin fine stingy curly fizzy hair and this blew it away smooth and shiny in minutes! It only took me about 5-10 minutes, in 3 sections. It’s easy to use, the bristles are soft not hard like those brush straighteners and it blows powerful air. I’m impressed. 5 stars

Worth the money.

Came packaged very well. No odors or smell on elephant. Battery compartment is hidden with fabric and also has 4 small screws to open up. The price was a little high but the quality is worth it! I think a 1 year old wont know how to operate the foot to start singing and flapping of ears, but the adult will. I am satisfied.

Adorable gift

We bought this bear for our grandson for Christmas and of coarse had to open it when it arrived. This is adorable. It made us laugh. Can’t wait to see how he responds to this

Makes like easier

Makes drying my hair easier . Still takes awhile if you have thick curly hair. Straightens well and doesn’t result in damage to curls if you use it on medium setting

Quick and easy

This dryer is fantastic. I have naturally wavy/curly hair. This gave me a straight look which lasted. Wish it had more heat options as sometimes the high is good with the amount of air flow but gets a bit too hot.

Peek a boo bear

Voice is cute not robotic natural in movement-Super adorable!

Peek a boo elephant

Just recieved it. Absolutely love it. Can't wait to give to me granddaughter for Christmas

Great for fun learning

It works just like I expected. I Bought this for my daughter, and she loves it.I would definitely recommend this.

I’m in love!

I love this product. My stylist recommended it because my hair holds water so badly. So I ordered it while sitting in the salon chair getting my color. Best $ I ever spent. I haven’t used a hair dryer since and I have to do very little to it after drying.

follow the manual to pressure points

just perfect use everytime

Fast delivery

Very beautiful!! Very fast delivery. I'm very happy with it.

Pain relief

This acupuncture pen really helped me with my headache and neck pain. Easy to use. The instructions are clear and the charts are useful for finding the right spot to place the pen for certain parts of your body.

My new go to!

I love this product! I have thin fine hair and was using on the low setting per the instructions, however I felt like that barely had any dry power. I turned it up to high and wellah, I was in business. My hair turned out so smooth and like I had a professional blow out. It was easy to turn the brush around and get good volume.

Just the cutest thing!

cute gift for little ones. Worked great and lots of fun for this little bear. peek a boo bear was just right

Adorable and intertaining

This is the 3rd one I bought as a shower is the gift that gets the most attention....babies love it and so do the parents...
I plan on buying a few more for my great grandkids...cute as it looks

Overall happy with this purchase

This is so cute...the teddy bear raises the blanket and says peek a boo.

You should buy this ASAP!!

I love how quick and easy it works. It also smooths out my ends in a way my flat iron doesn’t. Leaves me with silky smooth hair and it doesn’t cause heat damage.

This is a God send for frizzy hair

I am in love with this! I’ve been using this for months and haven’t been using my flat iron at all, unlike before when I had to use it every day. My hair is shiny, straight, and has tons of volume. Make sure you use a heat protectant with this. My beautician keeps complimenting me on how much healthier my hair is since using this. It’s my go to styling tool now! I highly recommend this to anyone.

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