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The product was exactly as it was described in your ad, thanks, I've only used it once since I received it.

Salon looking hair in 10 minutes!

Thank you a million times. This is the best heated brush in history. I’ve sampled a lot😢My hair is like Gwendellenes from Wallace and Grommit, sorry Gwendelene . Bloody nightmare .20 mins styling. This will give me freedom, and I’m not joking !


I love this product so much it makes life so much easier and getting ready just super simple and quick! not too hot but can get a little hot if you get closer to the ears.

Just received my Energy Pen about a week ago. Used it on my swollen/painfull knees and can already feel some improvement. I will continue using it and keep you informed of my progress. Thank you.

Funny gift!

This is super funny. it fit great, i'm 5'10, long enough in the legs and arms. It is light weight, and easy to move around it. It blows up really quick, all you need is batteries.

It’s truly amazing I use it several times a day For acupressure points and it opens up all the meridians in my body. When I got itI had pain in my right shoulder for months I used it once on the points on my shoulder and my shoulder was instantly healed within five minutes and that was now two weeks ago! All of my friends have thiem now too. We have noticed that at night when we go to bed if we use it on our neck or anywhere on our body it makes us fall asleep fast. I just woke up saw it next to me and it was still on. One battery, ( and it wasn’t a good one) has lasted 2 weeks! I’m in love with this electro acupressure pen!!!

It’s worth it! 👽

Good quality! Really easy to put on! Arrived on time! I love it!

Recommend for quick and painless detangling.

Due to its unique shape, it actually takes more hair with each stroke, cutting down detangling time. And the combination of material makes it really painless compared to the many, many brushes I've tried. I was skeptical and thought it might be a gimmick but i'm glad i took the risk, because now it's my go-to brush for heavy duty detangling and dematting. I use it with any spray conditioner for light tangles and with Cowboy Magic detangler and shine which is a super miracle product in its own right esp for tight mats (I'm not affiliated).

Ready for Halloween!

This year we are planning to attend Halloween parade and this costume is great for that! It comes with a pre-installed pump and it should work all the time to keep the costume inflated. It took around 2 minutes to fully inflate the costume. Keep in mind, there is no battery comes with it, so you'll need 4 AA batteries, and I will take 4 more spare just in case. I showed to my friends and everyone who saw this costume had a good laugh.

Hilarious Costume!

We all could not stop laughing when my son tried this on for the first time! 😂. It fit him perfectly, perhaps a little tight around the neck but that’s needed to keep it inflated. He had a little trouble trying to go up/down stairs but just needed to do it kind of stiff-legged and then could manage better. Looks so funny with the little kid legs sticking out!

Love it.

Fun, well made costume! Make sure you have high useage aa batteries on hand for wearing it.My son can't wait to go trick or treating in it. He is 5'1 and fits him well, I would not advise for anyone over 5'6.

I have a carpal tunnel n i tried this after few minutes pain is gone,, but there is a correction in the manual it says 1 tripple A battery n the picture is Double A, so i bought the tripple a but it doesnt work, the manual should be corrected,,, i ordered another 1 to give to my friend who has a carpal tunnel

love love love

This costume is wonderful. It's a simple concept and so easy to wear, but really a lot of fun,I've never been happier.

It’s going to be a fun Halloween

Holds the air well! It’ll be a fun Halloween costume this year, and compared to the stores you can typically buy from a MUCH better price. Love it, hoping to win some contests this year!!

Better than expected

Great costume, everyone loved it and even scared the younger kids because they thought there really was a little skeleton in the suit!Very fun! My teenage son loved it!

Love it! Got it for my kid for Halloween


By far my favorite hair brush!! I LOVE it!!

Halloween would be fun this year !!

Works as stated, inflates well. Can’t wait for halloween now.

Love it.

7 year old Nephew loves it. This is going to be his Halloween costume.

it's good.

A bit bigger than I expected.

Super funny costume

Awesome costume! And great price. We had so much fun trying it on:)

Smaller kids love it - even the Adults enjoyed!

I purchased this for my two year old niece. She loves playing Peek-A-Boo.

Easy to get in and out

This costume fit my Son perfectly. The material is really good too. I like that it is also easy to get into as well.

Can't decide if I love this more or if my baby girl does LOL! It's just so adorable!

Adorable plushy elephant. The ears flap when it sings and it's silky smooth to the touch.